Steel Vibrating Nipple / Genital Piercing Ring

Steel Vibrating Nipple / Genital Piercing Ring
Just imagine the fun you could have with this! ;o)

Unlike most other vibrating jewellery on the market, these take normal watch batteries! No need to buy specialist batteries once the originals run out!

The ball closure ring is made of surgical steel and is 16mm internal diameter and 1.6mm gauge.

Suitable for nipple piercings and some genital piercings - also belly piercings and ear piercings, if you really wanted, although that would probably be a bit pointless.. ;)

Suitable for:
  • Genital
  • Nipple
  • Belly
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Name:Pete V
Review:The Heineken of piercings... refreshes the parts even the Tiggler cant reach! At this price I recommend buying a spare as Ive found that the contact can lose its spring & eventually snap. I think Ive fixed it on my latest purchase with a blob of solder on the contact to keep it at about 45°. The vibrations are huge for the size and a gr8 ice-breaker when it accidentally brushes against somebody during a close dance... It can be felt through regular jeans Be sure to stock up on Alkaline LR41 batteries or the fun will be over B4 the jeans are off!

Review:Hi, Do you ship to Australia?

Review:I need these asap!

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