A variety of some of the finest navel jewellery on the planet from Industrial Strength - this is just a small selection, we can order you anything IS makes, not just limited to these styles. Hand-polished to a mirror shine and set with genuine Swarovski stones or faux-pal synthetic opals, the quality of Industrial Strength jewellery is immediately obvious in even the plainest pieces. You've had the rest - now get the best! Only implant grade titanium and steel, made in the USA - hypoallergenic and healthier for your piercing. IS jewellery comes with a lifetime guarantee - any defects will be repaired or the jewellery replaced, for LIFE! Will not discolour, lose stones or break - guaranteed. Pricey, yes - but you get what you pay for. Due to the huge variety of lengths, gauges and gem options, these are custom made to order. Please allow around 8 weeks for delivery (sometimes it will be faster, occasionally longer, but always worth the wait!)

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