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If you know what style of jewellery you're looking for, try our Advanced Search to find it in double-quick time! Simply choose the style from the list below, and the location of your piercing, and click search to show all jewellery which matches your search query. To narrow the results down, you can add in additional search terms in the box, such as whatever size you're looking for (type in only the size measurement, in millimetres, such as 6mm, 10mm etc, not size 10 or 14g or 12mm belly bars)
So whether you're looking for cherry tongue bars, gothic belly bars, elegant nipple jewellery or plugs with skulls on them, let us save your browsing time if you're in a hurry!
Please do remember that all the style terms are subjective, and searches may not bring up everything in the style you're looking for - we stock thousands of items so if your search is not coming up with what you want, have a browse through or e-mail us on and we can help!

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Pierce Style
Cherries Christmas Gothic
Halloween Stars Crosses
Fairies & Angels Fruit Animals
Anchors Tattoo Tribal
Hearts Flowers Butterflies & Dragonflies
Elegant Unusual Rave / Clubbing / UV
Spiky Plain & Simple Cartoon
Rude / X-Rated Skulls Dragons & Lizards
Spiders Scorpions Zips
Hash Leaf Dolphins Dice
Rainbow & Gay Pride Initials Shoes & Bags
Glow In The Dark
Pierce Placement
Eyebrow Lip Tongue
Genital Nipple Septum
Bridge Smiley Nose
Scaffold Helix Conch
Standard Lobe Piercing Anti-Tragus Stretched Lobe
Rook Tragus Belly

Search Results

Skull & Crossbones Blue Cartoon Logo Belly Piercing Bar
Skull & Crossbones Purple Cartoon Logo Belly Piercing Bar
Black Heart & Angel Wings Crystal Belly Piercing Bar
Crystal Skull Belly Piercing Spiral
Large Girlie Skull Cherry Dangle Belly Piercing Bar
Jack Logo Belly Piercing Bar
Colourful Ball Or Spike Micro Barbell 1.2mm Curved / Straight
Skull & Web Double Logo Dangle Belly Piercing Bar
Skull & Bones Double Logo Dangle Belly Piercing Bar
New Style Biohazard Logo Ball Closure Nipple / Belly Ring
Iron Gothic Cross Logo Ball Closure Nipple / Belly Ring
Razor Blade Spare Screw-On Attachment For 1.6mm Body Bars
Skull & Crossbones Crystal Sterling Silver Belly Bar
Flower & Leaf Crystal Dangle Sterling Silver Belly Bar 8mm - 12mm

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